Friday, September 28, 2007


Windows File Association Webservice

Microsoft should not be providing a feature if it's not working. Some features they implement and force users to use are just mediocre.  One of them is their File association webservice. It's a future that pops up the following window whenever user tries to open a file by double-clicking, for which Windows has no information about.

Windows File Association Webservice

Worst part is that when user selects it and click ok, it goes to a page on Microsoft site which displays this useless page.


Funny that website doesn't have information for well-known extensions like xml, msi (Microsoft Installer), C (C Programming).

Fortunately, it's possible to disable this and let Windows show the good old "Select a Program" list as described here. Linked Microsoft page describes to add a registry key, which novice users may find little confusing. Download this registry file, double click, and Click Yes when Windows prompts with below message. You are all set to go.


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